Martial Arts Programs

Martial Arts Programs Westchester New York

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Self Defense

In this amazing program, you will learn the incredible system of Wing Chun Kung Fu. You will be taught in detail the concepts and principles so you understand how to make this art effortlessly work for you. Wing Chun is such a powerful art, that you will not only become an exceptional martial artist and realistically will be able to defend yourself, but you will learn a set of tools to enhance the quality of your everyday life.

You will always learn at the pace that is best for you. Learn at your comfort level in a wonderful training environment with nothing but masterful instruction. Our curriculum is structured to provide you with a well rounded martial arts training program.


· All Aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu System
· Philosophy
· Concepts and Principles
· Forms
· Wooden Dummy Training
· Chi Sao
· The most effective Self Defense (all aspects)
· Combative Applications
· Ground Defense and Fighting
· Multiple Attacker Training
· Weapons Defense and Fighting
· Mitt, Shield and Bag Work
· Micro Study Sparring
· Full Contact Sparring
· Pressure Point, Controlling, Locking and Joint Disruption Applications
· Mediation
· and much more…